VW Polo Vivo – Anything is Possible

Cat eyesThe Polo Vivo is a car that believes anything is possible.

Armed with nothing but an iPhone, a cast stolen from around the agency, and a great set of animators, OgilvyOne Cape Town set out to prove them right. Once a week, for six weeks, they produced a really snackable video and launched it on YouTube and as rich media banners.

Across the six weeks, the videos got over 161 000 views on YouTube, with each piece
averaging nearly 27 000 views a week. In banners, VW got a massive 395 000 views off the first five videos alone, with almost 80% of the audience choosing to watch the video right to the very end. That’s more than double the industry average.

Working off a production budget of about R50 000 per video, OgilvyOne Cape Town were able to earn their client a massive return on their investment, and deliver high quality video they’re currently exploring putting on TV and in cinemas.

The Polo Vivo. Anything is possible.
Watch the reel here:

Chris Gotz – Chief Creative Officer
Nicholas Wittenberg – National Group Creative Director
Adrian Varkel – Managing Director
Neil White – Copywriter
Martine Hazell – Art Director
Andrew Pullen – Motion Designer
Sharon Martin – Producer
Kurt Paulse – Agency Producer
Vicki Hey – Business Unit Director
Jason Yankelowitz – Business Unit Director
Stuart Randall – Account Director
Production house – Masters & Savant
Director – Reto Reolon

Print Work for Mail & Guardian

This print ad came about in response to a brief from Mail & Guardian. They wanted to run a special report on the body where they tackled various misperceptions, misconceptions, stereotypes, and issues that concern  women and men’s bodies and gender.

Our response: by taking the “benefit” that fashion and beauty advertising subtly imply and exposing it for the ridiculous over-promise that it is, we expose the pervasive effects of the industry.


Self Worth: available at no stores near you.

Self Worth: available at no stores near you.


Anna Nurse: Copy Writer

Tanya de Jongh: Art Director

Tania Barker: Creative Director

Chris Gotz: Chief Creative Officer

Ogilvy’s Eye Behind the Camera

Because it’s CT Month of Photography we thought we’d share a bit about our favourite photographer, the man behind the camera at Ogilvy, Theo Klompje.

They say “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything with the way you see them”. Our in-house photographer Theo Klompje must be seeing some pretty amazing things. With his new studio setup, The Redworks Lightbox, Theo is bound to continue to produce some awesome work.

Theo, originally from Paarl (the land of wine and rugby) says he loves living in the Cape (the land of craft beer and advertising) as this is where he has produced some of his best work.

Photography to him is all about showing your point of view and that nothing is true, everything is permitted. One of the first things he learnt about a camera is that it’s, inaccurately, perceived as a tool to document some sort of truth behind an event or story.

According to Theo, besides getting payed on time, there are huge benefits to working for an agency as opposed to being a freelance photographer. He says having the opportunity to learn the broader workings of the advertising industry definitely influences how he approaches his work. He is also able to pull inspiration from working with and around such a creative collaboration of talent.

Check out some of Theo’s best work on his blog “I Love My Hood”, his Instagram account, his Behance account and Facebook.

Saul the Polar Bear

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Volkswagen #PoloTag

There’s a new Volkswagen Polo. From the outside not much had changed. But on the inside, it was like a new car. We needed test drives to get people inside the car. But test drives are boring and inconvenient.
We invented a social media game that everyone wanted to play: PoloTag.
For 6 days, in three major cities, South Africans could spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it on twitter, and drive it, right there and then. The person who drove it for the longest, without being tagged, won the new Polo.

What if District Six had never been demolished?

In celebration of its 20th birthday – and 20 years of democracy in South Africa – the District Six Museum partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town to produce a limited edition newspaper insert in the Cape Argus dated 23 September 1966, in honour of Heritage Day.

The idea is to provide Cape Argus readers with an ‘alternative history’, through offering another view as to what the newspaper might have looked like if the apartheid regime had never proceeded on its destructive course. Real people were used to pay tribute to the sporting, academic, music, artistic and literary achievements of the once vibrant community that was District Six.

The aim is to generate conversation of what might have been and what lessons we can learn going forward, by looking back and not making the same mistakes we did then.




  • Alison Hingle – Copywriter
  • Tania Barker – Art Director
  • Chris Gotz – Executive Creative Director
  • Account Management: Charity Ndisengei, Jamie Curtis, Devin Jones, Thania September
  • Ogilvy Public Relations: Amelia May-Woudstra, Roxanne Leibrandt, Lisa Johnson



#CaddyonTour with aKING

Music and road trips go together like rock ‘n roll, right?

That’s why we loaded SA rock band aKING and their entourage into two Volkswagen Caddy’s and documented their journey to Oppikoppi 2014.

A hassle-free road trip and an explosive rock ‘n roll show to thousands of adoring fans, the end result is guaranteed FOMO!

Stand the chance of winning a #CaddyonTour experience for you and four friends to a music festival of your choice. Go to www.vwcaddy.co.za to enter.

More #CaddyonTour adventures coming soon…

Getting the most out of @instagram

Our very own Instagram enthusiast / celebrity, Rowan Eva, last week kindly shared some tips and thoughts on Instagram at our ODMA. Rowan has amassed over 130,000 followers, below is the deck that he put together.
If you want to see the slide notes just open the presentation in Slideshare.
You can follow Rowan at http://instagram.com/rowaneva