The Ogilvy Grad Life

The Ogilvy Graduate Programme (OGP) aims to find the best of the best of final year creative and marketing students who show potential for the kind of ground breaking ideas that can define the future of our industry.

We chat to Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town (O&M CT) Grads, Claire Brayshay and Zsa Perry, about how they’re finding O&M CT so far.

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Ogilvy is in the business of making anything happen. There are no real boundaries – so long as the idea you have meets a particular and relevant purpose.”

Favourite person to follow on Twitter: @FatAmyPost. Unashamedly. She’s hilarious.

Lift VS Stairs: Stairs on the way down, lift on the way up.

Words of wisdom for those starting out in the ad industry: I read a quote that summarized what I’ve been thinking lately: “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” Always take a lunch break. Don’t eat at your desk – it’s not productive and nobody likes a sticky mouse or cheese between the keys.

Visit Claire’s blog Picking Up Stompies for hilarious insights into life and little comments from oblivious passer-by’s.


“Ogilvy is a lot like I was expecting. Very, very cool. It’s what you make of it. Attitude is everything here because it will determine, not only the quality of your work, but also the kinds of things you work on. This is an agency of brilliant people, so share in the brilliance.”

Favourite person to follow on Twitter: My new boss @Ant_Walton (Executive Creative Director of Geometry Global) who I think is pretty hilarious.

Who I look up to in the O&M CT building: @ChrisRawlinson. Not for his mysterious job description, but in that he is the first of his kind. I want to find a need and solve it in a unique and modern way.

Where to next: I recently moved from the main creative studio to Geometry Global last week and next up I hope to spend some time in the strategy department with Strategic Planner @Lisa_McDowell.

Take a look at Zsa’s The Yes Project: a blog about ticking off those adventures you always said you would do but never did.


Follow #OgilvyGrads and @OgilvySA as registration for the 2015 programme will be announced soon.

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D&AD 2014

Just a quick post to share the two bodies of work that recently won “In Book” awards at this years D&AD awards. Both were for Volkswagen, the first set is entitled “Please don’t text and drive” and won for Poster Advertising Campaigns. The second set is called “Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s fixed” and won for Press Advertising Campaigns.

Untitled-3Untitled-3Untitled-3VW Genuine Parts  KettleVW Genuine Parts BarbequeVW Genuine Parts Swing

Buzzfeed: The Secret Science of advertising

Buzzfeed have created a short and simple video on some of the key old lessons learned about the science behind advertising.
Although how and where brands advertise has changed (mostly because of technology), one thing has pretty much remained the same, human beings.
As long as we continue to have emotions and brains, the basics shared below will still work out for some time.

Ogilvy Suits Up

In celebration of High Heel Hump Day and Tie-Day Friday two very stylish Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town employees were awarded the titles of Ogilvy Outfitter’s Best Dressed Lady and Gentleman (of March 2014). Bongi Matsolo and Ntlalontle Xhala, both Account Executives in Geometry Global, turned out in some serious threads and 9 inch heels, setting themselves a cut above the rest.
 Heels group shotHeels winnerTies groupTies winner