2016 Trend Forecast

A look back at 2015 trends and what the industry can expect for the year ahead, courtesy of the various Ogilvy Cape Town Strategy divisions – ABL Strat,  OgilvyOne, PR, and Geometry – as well as, external references.

Trends 2016 1

Trends 2016 2

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Trends 2016 8

2015’s Best 10

Ogilvy Cape Town’s Executive Creative Director, Tseliso Rangaka, recently shared his top 10 favourite ads of 2015 with us. Have a look at them below – do you see any of your favourites?

The adverts below are listed in no specific order.

1. The Letter

Client: Allan Gray; Agency: O&M Cape Town

2. One Of A Kind

Client: Santam; Agency: King James Group

3. Moments

Client: Volkswagen SA; Agency: O&M Cape Town

4. Without 5

Client: 5fm; Agency: King James II

5. The Greatest Prize Is Sharing

Client: The Spanish Lottery; Agency: Leo Burnett Madrid

6. Inner Peace

Client: Chicken Licken; Agency: Net#work BBDO

7. The Joy of Storage

Client: Ikea; Agency: Mother

8. High School Girl?

Client: Shiseido; Created by Watts of Tokyo

9. Choose Beautiful

Client: Dove; Agency: O&M Chicago

10. Dear Brother (technically December 2014, but we’ll let it slide because it’s incredible)

Virgin Active – The gift that keeps on GIF’ing

By now we hope you have seen the latest commercial ‘Get Off Your Ass’ from Virgin Active.

Here is a little refresher:

The commercial conveys a simple message to South Africans to Get Up and Get Active in 2016, via a playful song with lyrics that highlight our tendency to put fitness on hold and allow lethargy to ruin well-intentioned goals.

To amplify this fun tongue-in-cheek commercial, Virgin Active has also launched the site gifoffyourass.co.za – challenging people to express themselves and their fitness goals on social media using fun gifs featuring the characters from the TV commercial.

Check out some of the gifs on gifoffyourass.co.za and share using #gifoffyourass @VirginActiveSA.


Ryan Stramrood & The Mad Swimmers

GWC_3200A few months ago we had the privileged of having Ryan Stramood host a How To Friday at Ogilvy Cape Town. Ryan’s infectious character and extreme stories left us feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

When we heard about his next challenge – kicking off at 6pm today – we knew we had to shout about it.

Ryan and the team from madswimmer.com will be swimming for 24 hours straight at the Wits Main Campus swimming pool in an effort to raise money for children’s charities.

Get behind this brilliant initiative!

Find out more here.

Follow Ryan’s journey on social media: 

Virgin Active Challenges South Africans To “Get Off Their Ass”!

4On Friday 8 January 2016 Virgin Active South Africa released its latest television commercial (TVC) “Get Off Your Ass”.

The new TVC conveys a simple message to South Africans to Get Up and Get Active in 2016 in a series of scenes and a playful song with lyrics that highlight a tendency to let procrastination and lethargy ruin well-intentioned resolutions to get fit. The TVC culminates in the message that Virgin Active has what it takes in a breadth and variety of options in its clubs to get and stay active.

Zeyad Davids, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Virgin Active South Africa, said that he believes the commercial “succeeds in inspiring ordinary individuals to get up and get active all year round. It was crucial that the tone of the campaign came across as motivational rather than judgmental” he said, “so, in conjunction with our agency Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town, we purposefully set characters in everyday scenarios. We also played with a tone that kept closely to the Virgin brand’s well-established witty, straight-up personality. The result, we hope, will encourage people to – firstly have a laugh – and then take charge of their well-being.”


Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town, Tseliso Rangaka, said “We had great fun working on this TVC for Virgin Active, the tongue-in-cheek song lyrics are such a fantastic vehicle to convey the Get Up Get Active brand message in a light-hearted manner. We were very particular about casting ‘real’ looking characters to really bring home the message that Virgin Active wants to encourage South Africa to get active and just a make a start, no matter how big or small.”

The television commercial will be supported by in-club and print advertising as well as a digital and social campaign to be launched shortly. “Gif Off Your Ass”, an element of the social media campaign will allow individuals to download a selection of gifs of the various characters in the commercial that reflect their current mood. These can be shared on social media platforms.


Press Contact for interview opportunities and imagery:
Jess Webb

Ogilvy Public Relations, Cape Town
+27 21 467 1034


Introducing Carling Blue Label Beer to South Africa: SAB’s bold move

The Challenge? Launching a distinctive beer with its own character, while remaining true to a brand steeped in heritage and well-loved by thousands of South Africans.
It was never going to be easy, but it did promise to be exciting.

In December Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) Cape Town, alongside South African Breweries (SAB), launched Carling Blue Label beer; SAB’s first foray into the world of single malt beer. As the name suggests, single malt beer is made from a single varietal of malted barley, and has never before been produced on a commercial scale in the local market.

Carling Blue Label - Bold Taste Rich Reward 2O&M Cape Town’s Managing Director Luca Gallarelli says: “Our task was two-fold: firstly, we had to launch a premium classic lager under a brand with a deeply-entrenched heritage to a fiercely loyal consumer base, while at the same time educating the public around a beer varietal that many are unlikely to have had much exposure to previously.

“With the introduction of this new single-malt beer, Carling has taken a bold new step that not only challenges the current South African beer industry, but also opens a new door for beer drinkers. Our role was to make sure this was positioned correctly in the market, and that it landed with a resounding clink.”

The launch was the product of a collaboration between Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town, Ogilvy Public Relations, OgilvyOne and Hogarth@Ogilvy. As the showpiece of the launch, a TV commercial (TVC) was produced to introduce the single-malt beer to South Africa’s beer-drinking public. O&M Cape Town worked closely with cinematographer Rob Malpage to produce this, selecting an iconic camera movement – low-angled with sweeping motion – to showcase the product as the hero.

Tseliso Rangaka, Executive Creative Director of O&M Cape Town, explains: “The TVC highlights the craftsmanship of the beer through macro photography style accompanied by a bold music track with a powerful beat, masculine edge and unstoppable feel – all serving to really drive home the message that this is a beer that celebrates the achievements of bold men; men who are not afraid of exploring new frontiers.”

Carling’s General Manager Vijay Govindsamy says: “Producing a single malt beer is a skill that requires meticulous detail.” He continues that the move had been made only after being ‘certain that we could deliver an exceptional product with its own distinctive character, while retaining all the qualities that make Carling the country’s most globally awarded beer.

“Both Carling Blue Label Beer and Carling Black Label Beer will stay true to delivering superior taste and rewarding responsible masculinity, and will reflect the values of Carling, in different but connected ways.”

Watch the commercial here:

Getting good done

Whether you’ve just started working at Ogilvy or you’re part of the furniture, there is one person in the building that everyone needs to know. Not because she is an intimidating big shot (she is a big shot, but not a scary one!), but because of her warm smile and heart of gold.

Her name is Fiona Kantor, PA to Luca, Ben and Rob; the irreplaceable lady behind the scenes who helps keep their crazy schedules in order. But her role at the agency doesn’t end there; she also heads up the Entertainment Committee, and more importantly, the DoGood Foundation.

Fiona Kantor

Over the years, Fiona has made it her mission help the local charities supported by Ogilvy – Percy Bartley House, NOAH, DARG, and the Night Haven – and is also the driving force behind other initiatives, such as Green Pop, The Volunteer Wildlife Services, Hands of Hope, Casual Day, and the list goes on.

For today’s post, we get to know the woman behind it all…

Q: How did you come to work at Ogilvy and how long have you been here?

A: “After being lucky enough to work from home for over 10 years, and with my children growing up and needing me less at home, I decided to try and get back into the formal job market.  A little daunting at my age.  But, I was determined to get back into the creative industry again. I was interview and employed as Exec PA to Gavin Levinsohn, Rob Hill and Kim Feitelberg in June 2012 – just over 3.5 years ago”

Q: How did the DoGood committee come about?

A: “Each year Ogilvy SA conduct a corporate strategy for the coming year.  2 years ago Rob Hill asked a group of young stars to conduct their own survey with colleagues in the building to build a strategy based on what staff would like to see the company doing more of.  One of the strong issues that came out of the survey was staff’s desire for the company to be more involved in CSI projects.  So, Rob asked me to get a programme going.  We felt it important to make a difference within a 2km radius of our building, hence the choice of the charity groups we support.  We also wanted to cover a spectrum of charities that we felt people would like to support.  E.g. Animals, the elderly, homeless and youth and the environment  There were so many organisations to choose from, but because CSI work was so new to the building and especially to myself, we decided to try and focus on 5 areas/charities and support these well.”

Q: What is DoGood all about?

A: “As mentioned above … its about making a difference in our community within a 2km of our building and playing a part in corporate social responsibility and investment.”

Q: What are some of your more memorable moments while heading up DoGood?

A: “There are many … but the one that stands out is when we started the Birthday Cupcake deliveries to Percy Bartley House.  When I went to deliver the first batch of cupcakes to one of the boys, I was amazed to firstly discover that the poor boy was totally unaware it was his birthday … and secondly, to experience his total excitement and emotion of being remembered and thought about on his birthday.  The thank you letters I get from the boys are quite overwhelming. Lukhayo thank you

Q: You and a few members of the team recently took the boys from Percy Bartley House up Table Mountain. Tell us a bit about the trip.

A: “Another great day with the boys … I contacted Table Mountain to see if I could arrange complimentary tickets, which they very kindly donated.  The boys were thrilled … not one of them had ever been up the mountain – a mountain they look at every day.  So we headed off with Taliep as driver, Brett Webb, Claire Brayshay, Kara Levy and myself and 19 boys plus a social worker (both Kara and Brett also had never been up the mountain!).  It was a long wait in the heat to get onto the cable car, but once on our way the excitement level escalated.  It was strangely cold and windy at the top, but we walked around with the boys, showed them the Dassies which they were totally fascinated by and even more amazed when I told them they were the closest relative to the elephant.  After freezing ourselves a little, we bought the boys a cool drink and packet of chips and headed back down the mountain.  They all said it was an event they would remember for ever.”

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your role?

A: “Firstly, having seen it grow to where it is today (with no previous experience in CSI work) and all the projects we have managed to achieve over the last 2 years.  The relationships I have built with the elderly folk at Noah, the boys at PBH and DARG.  We still have to develop our relationship further with The Haven, but have done some great things for them.  But overall, experiencing the joy, happiness and gratefulness of being remembered, thought of and cared about warms my soul.”

Q: How can we get involved in DoGood?

A: “We are always looking for extra hands to help with the various projects we have throughout the year.  When staff join the company they are told about DoGood at induction and encouraged to take part in various projects.  They also receive a volunteer form in their intro pack where they are able to offer their time and/or make a monthly contribution to the DoGood Fund which is deducted from their salary each month.  And of course, the most important way to get involved is to support the various projects we conduct throughout the year.  It truly makes a massive difference to the organisations we support.”

Watch this video to see their journey up Table Mountain:

To get involved and assist Fiona with the work she is doing, pop her a mail at: fiona.kantor@ogilvy.co.za