Checking in with the Grads

It has been two months since Kara Levy and Glenn Kisela joined the Ogilvy Graduate Programme (OGP). Kara chose to start off in Client Service and Glenn chose PR. Let’s check in and see how agency life has been treating them.


Q: What is the funniest one liner/pearl of wisdom that has been shared with you since you’ve started with us?

Kara: “Don’t get carried away on Fridays”

Q: Name one high, and one low from your time in your department:

Kara: Highs have been working on pitches and being on a TV commercial shoot with an international agency and client. A low has probably been frustrations with process.

Glenn: A high would be going out on a team building event with the whole department. It’s great working in a department where everyone is able to spend time outside of work together & have a good time. As for a low, that would be the first time I screwed something up. It wasn’t a major screw up but it always sucks to let someone down, even if it’s inevitable. But we live & we learn!

Q: Share one thing people who haven’t worked in Client Service should know about the department:

Kara: It’s a really important department, despite what some people may think. It is the only department in the agency that knows every element of an account. Client service knows everything from the client’s personal life, to budgets, to knowing how to manage and get things done from everyone, be it an internal it external job. There is also a lot of trust and dependence placed on the relationship that client service is able to foster with a client – the best work often comes from a good agency client relationship, in conjunction with great creative because clients that trust agencies are willing to take risks.

Q: Which department are you off to next?

Kara: I’m going to OgilvyOne to get stuck into some digital strategy!

Q: Rumour has it you have decided to stay on in PR for the remainder of the year, what has influenced this decision?

Glenn: That rumour is correct! I know it’s a big decision & it’s not one I made lightly, but I’m confident it’s the right one. The amazing thing about the OGP is that you’re able to explore the whole agency to find a place that you could thrive in and do work that you love. I’ve been lucky in that I found that place in PR right away. I work with amazing people on some amazing accounts & I don’t want to walk away halfway through.

Q: Was it a tough decision to make?

Glenn: It’s difficult in the sense that I’m giving up seeing other departments & I spent a lot of time thinking about that fact. But at the end of the day, it was a decision I made easily because I genuinely believe that the work we’re doing here in PR is incredible & I have so much to learn & to offer. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed working in other departments & had an amazing time but I think being in PR is right for me personally & aligns with where I want to go.

Careers24 take ownership of viral video

Last week, a video of a game ranger losing his cool with a group of tourists was ‘leaked’. The video features a tourist repeatedly getting in the way and speaking loudly while on a walk with a game ranger. The ranger eventually loses his cool, starts swearing and storms off leaving the whole group of tourists to fend for themselves while a potentially dangerous animal lurks nearby.

Careers24 Game Ranger

Top SA jobbing website,, has come forward to claim ownership of the video. The idea for the video came about in an effort to create awareness that most people tend to settle for jobs not suited for them and that Careers 24 can offer thousands of quality jobs online.

Watch the video here:


This video forms part of the humorous new advertising campaign that focuses on the awkward moment after one is asked – “What is it you do for a living?” Find out more about the campaign here



Geometry Global Creative Director – Anthony Walton

Ogilvy PR Creative Director – Dan Nash

Geometry Global Art Director – Natasha Dobbs

Geometry Global Copywriter – Elsa De Bruyn

Ogilvy Account Director – Alexis Leih

Ogilvy PR Account Director – Kate McLeod

Ogilvy PR Account Executive – Jenna Flynn

Ogilvy Content Producer – Cathy Day



Reto Reolon – Director

Producer – Kamilla Kelly

Shoot Producer – Alexis Ziman

Volkswagen up! takes you places (The work)

Recently we helped our partner Volkswagen launch the New Volkswagen up!. It’s their new small car that gets you places, and is rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one new for less than R135K).

Most of the work is out now, and it’s always great to get to do fully integrated pieces of work, so below is an overview that we thought we would share with you.


Volkswagen up! Website



Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.09.24 pm


Up_Print Up_Print4 Up_Print3 Up_Print2

Volkswagen TSI Print Ads – Small but Ferocious

Small but Ferocious - Bumbletiger TSI, a technology that can be found in a select range of Volkswagen vehicles. It offers powerful performance with excellent fuel economy and low emissions, all from a compact engine – making it “Small but ferocious”. To communicate this, we created a few of our own small but ferocious creatures.
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Copywriter: Dean Paradise
Retoucher: Gavin Haywood

Small but Ferocious - HumboonSmall but Ferocious - Bearrel

District Six Museum offers Worcester residents a ‘free pass’

District Six Museum, together with Ogilvy Cape Town, has launched a poignant campaign in response to recent media reports concerning Worcester’s introduction of green cards for workers. The campaign, which was advertised in The Times today, offers citizens of the Boland town a ‘free pass’ to the museum so that they can learn from South Africa’s harrowing past.

The green card has been likened to the ‘dompas’ system from the Apartheid era, which spanned over a century and were only abolished in 1986. It was a system used to segregate the population and limit the movements of non-white South Africans.

The Worcester Community Policing Forum, in a misjudged effort to combat crime, sparked controversy when they issued workers with green card permits to access upmarket neighbourhoods.

Have a look at the insert in The Times below:


The advertisement reads: ‘Dear Citizens of Worcester, we’d like to offer you a free pass. We’d like to invite you to visit the museum, and we’ll waive our usual ticket price, because we believe the lessons you’ll learn inside are priceless. For instance, the history of the pass laws and the misery, indignity and severe infringement of the right of free movement they caused for several hundred years. We’d like you to visit us, so that you know what we hold dear: THAT THOSE WHO DON’T STUDY HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.’

As of Thursday 12 March 2015, Worcester’s green card system was abolished under order of National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega.



Creative Directors: Chris Gotz and Jacques Massardo

Art Director: Tania Barker

Copywriter: Alison Hingle

Ogilvy PR: Roxanne Leibrandt, Lisa Johnson, Kate McLeod, Alex de Kock, Farah Manuel

A special thank you to The Times for giving us the platform and promoting tactical advertising.

VW Scirocco – Sonic Highway

The New Volkswagen Scirocco has landed on South African shores and Ogilvy Cape Town, together with electronic musician Markus Wormstorm, have created a unique launch campaign with three exclusive sound tracks, recorded using the raw sounds of the New Scirocco.

The team recorded a total of 7 hours of raw sound in a number of different locations. From that he was able to create three bespoke tracks:

  • Control to focus on the luxurious interior and comfort of the
  • Passion to demonstrate the roaring engine
  • Speed, a dub-step track, highlighting the superb cornering and handling abilities

The tracks are free to download from the Sonic Highway – a digital showroom aimed at bringing the experience of driving a New Volkswagen Scirocco to life.

Sonic Highway 1 Sonic Highway 2 Sonic Highway 3 Sonic Highway 4



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town

OgilvyOne Cape Town Managing Director: Adrian Varkel

National Group Creative Director: Nic Wittenberg

Creative Group Head: Neil White

Art Director: Alex van Niekerk

Junior Art Director: Kenan Petersen

Copywriter: Pierre Steyn

Junior Copywriter: Matthew Moss

Digital Designer: Jedd McNeilage

Motion Designer: Rob van Zyl

Head Digital Producer: Kurt Paulse

Head of Digital Development: Le Roux Steyn

Client Service: Vicki Hey, Miche Marquard, Lauren Baker, Loren Westoby

Art Buying: Merle Bennett

Producer: Cathy Day


Markus Wormstorm at Honeymoon Studios

Recording assistance from Resonate Studios

New Wellington’s Tomato Sauce – Thicker, Redderer, Tomatoeyer

Wellington’s have released a new tomato sauce recipe and we shot some TV ads to tell people about it. Or rather, to let kids, as the connoisseurs of tomato sauce, tell us what they think about it.

“Tasting Panel” features some pretty independent-minded kids reviewing “Wellies”. “Time To Say Goodbye” is definitive proof that Wellies is delicious enough to say goodbye forever to the old tomato sauce.

Wellies is “thicker, redderer, tomatoeyer” and undoubtedly on its way to becoming South Africa’s new favourite.